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Hi gopo,
Not sure if you are still having this issue. Most likely not, but here is what I did to fix it.
Run Regedit, browse to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved], and look in the right hand side window for "PSD Shell Extension", highlight and delete the entire key. Problem gone.

Before deleting anything in the registry, make sure you backup and or export what it is you are deleting. That way if anything goes wrong you can import it back in.

Good luck,
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Bringing specific window to top seems to be easy. However, some function which should do those kinds of things are not work actually. Thus, following code is the way to bring window to top attaching thread input to target window.

if(::GetForegroundWindow() != GetSafeHwnd()) { 
HWND hActiveWnd = ::GetForegroundWindow(); 
if( hActiveWnd ) { 
DWORD dwActiveTid = GetWindowThreadProcessId(hActiveWnd, NULL); 
DWORD dwCurTid = GetCurrentThreadId(); 

if(dwCurTid != dwActiveTid) { 
if(AttachThreadInput(dwCurTid, dwActiveTid, TRUE)) { 
AttachThreadInput(dwCurTid, dwActiveTid, FALSE); 

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